Cloud Nine Private Dining is a labour of love, borne out of a passion for creating great food for a great community. The Cloud Nine Restaurant started on 8th August 2021, after a year of successful incubation as a home-based business during COVID-19 in Singapore. At Cloud Nine, you will find great hospitality and sincerity from the co-owners, who are excited to share stories of their creations with you. Come enjoy the hand-carved cloud lights and our cutlery curated from our travels. Our food is globally inspired, personalised and accessible, anchored on our values of creativity, knowledge and giving back.


“Creating food is a craft and nothing beats the satisfaction of customers relishing into the food that I have created. My obsession with creating and sharing the kitchen to table process with like-minded people is what I wake up for every day of my life”.
Chef David has worked over a decade across established restaurants globally – Burnt Ends and Pollen in Singapore, Le Bernardin in New York City and Benu in San Francisco. Chef David moved to Hong Kong in 2016, headhunted to be the Sous Chef of 2-Michellin Star Restaurant Ta Vie, before returning to Singapore in 2018.
Passionate and highly purist in his food creations, Chef David is the brain working tirelessly behind the scenes with astronomical creativity. In the two years since Cloud Nine Private Dining started, the home-based turned private dining restaurant has churned a huge and diverse menu, wowing customers from takeaway delivery Menus to Chef’s tasting menus.
Being low-key and yet rebellious, Chef David prefers to be remembered as the back-alley chef whipping up insanely good food, taking inspiration from the shinyashokudo, where he cooks in response to his interactions with customers, expertly utilising existing ingredients to cook a meal that is personalized and accessible.
When he is not labouring in the kitchen, Chef David loves to explore the back-alleys of street markets around the world. Some of the best inspiration in the world comes from holes in the wall where amazing chefs helm small but popular stalls selling creations beyond imagination.


“For me, food is about community, the emotions, and memories it evokes, about stories and intertwining of cultures. Cloud Nine is where family and friends gather in celebration of life, connections and of one another”
Cloud Nine Private Dining shifted into gear when Peiyi first set up her home during the Circuit Breaker during COVID-19 in Singapore as an incubator for Cloud Nine.
From bringing Cloud Nine to small-fee pop ups, to working up an overdrive to source for packaging, pricing, handwriting thank you notes, social media, to pushing Cloud Nine from a home-based business to a restaurant, there is nothing this woman wouldn’t find time to figure.
Peiyi has an insatiable appetite to learn and absorb new ideas, big and small in supporting Chef David at Cloud Nine. She is a social worker and university teacher by training and profession, having spent more than 15 years in the field of non-profits.
Cloud Nine’s mission of giving back and community stems very much from Peiyi’s personal values and beliefs – that a better world starts from home and from profession.
Peiyi is also an avid traveller and some of Cloud Nine’s menus are inspired by food that she has tasted and never forgot through some 40 countries that she has visited. She is also learning more about tea and hopes to curate a diversely sourced tea menu for Cloud Nine.

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