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Mediacorp Channel 8 – 晨光第一线

Mediacorp Channel U – 畏口大开

Channel News Asia – Growing Wild, Brave New World

SG Now – Cloud Nine Private Dining Episode 13


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联合早报 本地传统菜新食力


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The Wesley, NYC – The World is My Claypot (2023)

Kebaya, NYC – The World is My Claypot (2023)

Kizuna – Food & Cocktail Pairing (2023)

Tsao Foundation – The Silver Ball Charity Auction and Gala (2021, 2022)

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce Career Women’s Group (2021)

Indonesia Delegates – Chef David Low’s Laksa Peranakan recipe – ZNEWS (2021)


Cloud Nine Reviews
16 Best Group Dining Places for your Next Meal in Singapore



Chef David at Ta Vie winning Top 20 Best Restaurants (2018)

Chef David at Le Bernardin – “He handled very well with our intense kitchen environment and often demanding conditions to deliver quality and speed. I know that David has the potential to climb greater heights in his career” – Chris Muller, Culinary Director, Le Bernardin, New York City (2016)

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