Delivery 2500 x 1250

Perfected during the Circuit Breaker, where home-based deliveries were at its peak, our delivery menu has received the highest praises from customers all over Singapore. To top it off, we love accepting food challenges. If you have something that you are craving for, you can check in with Chef David and he might just be able to make it!

Almost all customers who order Cloud Nine deliveries purchase our signature Claypot Rice. Featured in several media such as Zaobao and Channel U, the Claypot rice is lightly toasted with generous portions of lap cheong, chicken liver cheong, kalian, homemade huge pork lards, salted fish with choice of chicken, pork or beef (different price). The fragrant pot is then topped with foie gras, which blends seamlessly into the flavourful dish. You will not be disappointed with this creation that has consolidated Chef David’s training in French and Asian cuisine.

Best Sellers:

Chicken Claypot Rice with Lap Cheong & Foie Gras
Crispy Cauliflower
Chilli Crab Mantou
Crabmeat Carrot Cake
Pork Rib Prawn Noodles
XO Homemade Yam Hei Zhor
XO Milky Fish Bee Hoon Soup
Arancini Risotto Balls with 5 Chef Dips
Homemade Kaya with Butterfly Pea Glutinous Rice Balls

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